There are no guarantees in life. Our best-laid plans can be thwarted in an instant. Our time on this planet is finite. Is it worth putting off your dreams of flying?

There’s literally never been a better time…
Now’s the time to make it happen. If there’s one thing most pilots regret, it’s not having started flying earlier, take action today. In terms of equipment, safety and performance – you couldn’t pick a better time to start – we’ve come along way since the early days. Our knowledge base in glider design is leagues ahead thanks to the gains in modern technology as well as the increase in skills, teaching, and the experience gained from the growth in paragliding around the world.



We fully appreciate the negative financial impact COVID19 has had on all lives. As such, we’ve tried to make our training as accessible as possible. We’ve created an introductory experience for future pilots that enables them to take on this new challenge in affordable bite-sized portions, in a systematic way that allows them to build confidence in their skills and knowledge to progress onto the next step.

We’re converting the theory content of all our practical courses to an online format (watch this space) to not only adhere to social distancing principles but also to allow you to learn at your pace. We’re quite excited about this new way of learning.

If you’re somewhat unsure whether flying is for you, we recommend starting with our Intro to PG Course – for only R199 you will gain a thorough understanding of the sport, what’s possible, and how to move forward with confidence