Congratulations to our newly licensed pilots. For Kevin Matisson (left), the Managing Director of Avior Captial Markets, the dream of flight has been there for some 20 odd years – it’s been an honour making Kevin’s dream a reality. Marc Bester (right), a former parabat and current Polygraph Examiner & Forensic Investigator, had a desire to take flight again and we were more than happy to train him on our Basic License Course

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Paragliding News

A new route has been announced for the Red Bull X Alps. For the first time ever the race will not end in Monaco, which most pilots agree is a great change.

Upcoming events

South Africa’s Nationals Competition in Paragliding takes place at this years Barberton Competition. Usually held over winter the competition has been moved earlier to April with a promise of more epic flying as well as a tribute to fallen legend Andrew Smith

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It’s time for another winner! Congratulations to Neels Stander for winning this month’s free giveaway which is whopping 80% OFF on a First Solo Flight Course valued at R4499. By simply subscribing to our newsletter you too can win awesome prizes!!!!

Product of the month

This month’s featured product is our First Solo Flight Course. The main aim of this course is to train students to a level proficient enough to do their first solo flight under the supervision of one of our instructors. This one and a half day experience entails getting a thorough overview of what paragliding is and all the necessary preperation for your first solo flight.On this course you can expect to learn about the equipment and how it all fits together; sit in our custom built harness simulator practicing the correct techniques for manouvers such as turning, slowing down, acceleration, and descending; and most importantly you will practice launching and controlling the glider on the ground.

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