Happy Spring Day! Here’s my gift to you. Enjoy!

“I’ve always focussed on being responsible for myself, and having an intimate understanding of the weather helps you understand what you’re getting  yourself into” – Alex Robe (extract from Advanced Paragliding by Gavin McClurg)

“It’s definitely good to know how to read a Skew-T diagram… What we have to do as pilots is look at as many forecasts as we can, and compare them to what we see and feel in the air.” – Honza Rejmanek (extract from Advanced Paragliding by Gavin McClurg)

“Alex, how much of your success do you credit to learning the weather? 
60%. Definitely. Just imagine if you are on the wrong hill on the right day. You won’t get those hours. It’s also for me a huge safety factor– Alex Robe (extract from Advanced Paragliding by Gavin McClurg)

“How to go big? You’ll stay in the air much longer and have more fun if you’re flying more mission-driven. By that I mean take time to study the forecasts…” – Hugh Miller (extract from Advanced Paragliding by Gavin McClurg)

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I advocate for every pilot, irrespective of their experience level, to do their own weather forecasting. I’m against spoon-feeding, freeloading and laziness. One of the key reasons for my accelerated growth as a paragliding pilot was investing time in theory and understanding. Everyone can become great at interpreting weather forecasts, site selection, and route planning.

It’s now officially Spring and with that the start of the xc season. Spring thermals can be incredible, they can also be overwhelming. Understanding is key to knowledge, knowledge moves us away from fear.

To help our community I’m offering my Practical Weather Forecasting for Paragliding Pilots Online Course for FREE to members of our community for the month of September. Use the form below to sign up. After signing up I’ll enable your access so that you can do the course. Unlike those who pay for the course, free users will have access for a period of 30 days which is more than enough to complete the course.

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Practical Weather Forecasting for Paragliding Pilots Online Course

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