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More than just paragliding lessons

You want to learn to fly, but your time is limited, we get it. Our modular training programs are built around SAFETY and the TIME FLEXIBILITY required by our clients. Progress at your pace.

From our beginner lessons through to our licensed pilot training, all aspects of our training are built around providing quality instruction first. Part of this entails teaching you how to think, how to analyse, and how to continue learning throughout your time as a pilot, long after you achieve your first solo license. We choose to teach in Cape Town and the nearby flying sites as this is where Cape Town pilots fly. We use a mixture of tandem (1-on-1) and group solo training, adapting the style to the student’s requirements. Our method follows that of traditional aviation starting with dual training before going solo.

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Tandem Paragliding

A tandem paragliding flight is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of free flight while securely harnessed to one of our experienced and accomplished instructors. Ideal for anyone who wants to give it a try without committing to solo training. We offer a range of tandem flights at different price points and at different locations. Book a tandem now and be sure to let your instructor know that you’re considering taking paragliding solo lessons.

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Learn to fly Solo

The Basic License is your ticket to flying solo in South Africa and around the world. Your ticket to freedom in the sky. Our Basic License Training Program is designed with safety, progression and affordability in mind. Fun is guaranteed. Our system draws on the methodology used in traditional aviation where we start with tandem instructional flights (dual flight training) before moving on with solo ground school training and solo flying. Our modular training system breaks up the license into 3 phases. This approach assists with affordability and is less time committing than the traditional fixed-fee approach. Phase 1 includes full gear hire as a standard so that you need not fork out large amounts of money just to get started. Phase 2 is FREE and done at your leisure. Phase 3 is also completed based on your availability.

Progress Safely. Progress at Your Pace. Progress.

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Licensed Pilot Training

We offer licensed pilot training in the forms of our New Pilot and Intermediate Pilot Programs. These programs are built for low airtime pilots. We have online safety meetings, dedicated monthly training days (the 3rd Saturday of every month is reserved for pilots on these programs) and online courses to boost your knowledge and accelerate your growth as a paragliding pilot.

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Licensed Pilot Guiding

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newly licensed pilot or experienced visitor, our guiding services are designed to take you to the right place to fly. It’s a myth that flying in the Cape Town region is difficult due to the wind. It’s actually a lot more flyable than many people think. The difficulty lies in knowing where to go and when to go. Cape Town weather is not fickle, it’s just highly influenced by the micrometeorological conditions around every mountain. This is where local knowledge is key. Since the start of his paragliding career, Ria invested a lot of time in studying weather forecasts and testing these out in the field. As an avid hike ‘n fly pilot who loves adventure this led to him gaining significant experience all over the Cape. Even today, Cape Town paragliding instructors seek advice from him on where to fly. As such every guiding experience is also an educational one where we share local knowledge with you.

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Here’s what our happy pilots had to say about our services:

I trained with Airschool paragliding at the beginning of 2020 and successfully got my pilots licence. Ria’s passion for the art of paragliding is reflected in the training I received. I got my licence feeling confident and prepared for the big blue sky. The emphasis on safety and good decision making was paramount throughout the course. I would highly recommend Ria if you are looking at getting into the Sky. Happy flying everyone! Regards Stephen

Stephen Etherington, Basic License Training

Ria’s patience and dedication with each student ensure that Air School Paragliding graduates have a thorough understanding of the theory and practical elements involved in the sport of paragliding. The result is pilots who are safe and able to make good decisions on their own whilst having fun all the way. His passion for the sport is contagious and I would highly recommend Air School Paragliding.

Thys De Wet, Licensed Pilot Program

Air School offers a great service to the paragliding community. With the basic license course giving you a good foundation from the first ground handling lessons to first flights and aggregating to achieving the license requirements. Then there are the longer-term post-license progression programs which are hugely beneficial for low airtime pilots to maintain a steep learning curve into the sport. With constant mentoring on all aspects of paragliding and a good introduction to so many great sites, there’s a lot of awesome flying to be done. Not to mention all the peers and welcoming community to share your experiences with!

Stephen Vogts, Licensed Pilot Programs

I have flown several XC flights with Ria from Airschool, a few hike and flys and attended an online weather course. Ria always displays a professional attitude towards the sport and his teaching and I’ve only had pleasant experiences!

WJ de Vries, Licensed Pilot Courses

I highly recommend Ria at Air School Paragliding. A true professional and highly skilled and experienced. Goes out of his way to accommodate the time needed to ground handle and fly. And he’s such a cool guy too!

Marc Bester, Basic License Training