About Ria Moothilal

Founder and Chief Flying Instructor of Air School Paragliding. He is South Africa's first black National Flight Instructor in the discipline of paragliding. Starting with a fear of heights, he took up air sports in 2004 and has to date performed 1300+ skydives, 200+ base jumps and 600+ paragliding flights. He has also cycled from Cape to Cairo raising funds for cochlear implants. After matriculating with 6A's he attained a BSc Engineering degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and is a former data scientist.

Winter Task Flying in Franschhoek

I love task flying. It's like playing a computer game in the sky with the added bonus of it being 100% real. The first and usually only time most pilots fly tasks is during formal competitions of which South Africa has only two. It's a pity because flying a task is a great way to build your skills as a pilot. A few benefits of

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Lockdown Level 3 Ops

As we move into "Alert level 3" on 01 June 2020, we have been led to believe that paraglider training schools will be allowed to operate. The following are our intended procedures to resume operating in Alert level 3. This post will be updated as and when we know more about the regulations and any recommendations by SAHPA. Compliance Officer: As per Government regulations our

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Connecting the dots…

In 2005 Steve Jobs' University of Stanford Commencement Speech made a real mark on my mind. Back then I was working in my first permanent job as an Agricultural Engineer with the KZN Department of Agriculture (DoA). Today, in my quest to understand the paths that lead one to air sports (attribution as it's known in the marketing world) I decided to look at

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Lessons from COVID-19

There are no guarantees in life. Our best-laid plans can be thwarted in an instant. Our time on this planet is finite. Is it worth putting off your dreams of flying? There's literally never been a better time... Now's the time to make it happen. If there's one thing most pilots regret, it's not having started flying earlier, take action today. In terms of equipment, safety

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Our voucher system

Why the voucher system? Honestly, COVID19 has thrown us a humongous curve ball! Taken by surprise, we've had to adapt and adapt quickly. The voucher system is a way for us to make sales now. This helps us to pay for things like the eLearning platform used to host the online courses, and keep us on our feet making sure that as soon as this

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