Paragliding over Cape Town Suburbs

Why paragliding?

“It’s incredible. We get to hike/drive up these stunning mountains and then fly off them! My favourite part is finding thermal bubbles. We use these thermals to gain altitude, similar to how eagles fly. Speaking of eagles, we get to fly with them too! It’s just mind-boggling. We’ve finally got a form of recreational aviation that is accessible, affordable and attainable by the average person. It’s a pity that most people don’t realise how far paragliders have come in safety and performance since the start some 40 odd years back. Today, we are living the dream of unpowered human flight. What a time to be alive!” – Ria Moothilal, Grade B&C National Flight Instructor

Learn to Paraglide in South Africa – Quick Guide

A quick-to-read PDF guide. Written for the beginner pilot considering paragliding lessons and anyone wanting to learn more about free flight. Contains stunning imagery, helpful explanations, and insightful videos

Covers:  What is paragliding; Different types/disciplines; Equipment; Takeoffs and Landings; Who paraglides; Why do it; Flying sites; How to get licensed; Where to find a school

Learn to Paraglide in South Africa Quick Guide

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem paragliding is a great way to dip your toe into to the world of free flight

From Sunrise Tandem Paragliding Specials through to our industry first Tandem Paragliding + Solo Training Package, we’ve designed our product with safety, fun and educational as our top priorities

Winelands Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding Training

We have a range of courses starting with  complete beginner level (no previous flying experience) through to licensed pilots seeking to improve their skills. Everything from takeoff techniques, to weather forecasting and competition flying

Training options
Paragliding lessons for beginners and licensed pilots

Tours & Guiding

Are you a visiting pilot? We offer tailor made paragliding tours and guiding for visiting pilots to Cape Town.

The Cape Peninsula and surrounding areas have many launch sites but also complicated weather systems and often unique site rules. Several sites require mandatory local guidance.

Foreign and local pilot guiding and tours

Paragliding is

  • accessible
  • affordable
  • aviation

Paragliding provides

  • recreation
  • business opportunities
  • priceless experiences

“Airmanship is skill and knowledge applied to aerial navigation, … Airmanship covers a broad range of desirable behaviors and abilities in an aviator. It is not simply a measure of skill or technique, but also a measure of a pilot’s awareness of the aircraft, the environment in which it operates, and of his/her own capabilities.”

Latest from the Blog

Western Cape Paragliding Sites & Weather Forecast

Use this custom-built tool to help you evaluate which paragliding sites have flying potential. Click here to see the latest forecast

Paragliding Weather Forecast

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