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Fulfil Your Dream of Flight

Paragliding: aviation for the middle class, employment for Africa



  • We train 7 days a week (weather permitting)

  • Fly sites such as Du Toits, Franschhoek, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Langebaan, and more

  • Learning to fly starts on the ground

  • Start living your dream


Paragliding is

  • accessible

  • affordable

  • aviation for the middleclass

Paragliding provides

  • business opportunities

  • job creation

  • for Africa

Stop waiting for “one day” to realise your dream of flying.
Contact us now to book a training a session or take one of our self-starter online courses to get the ball rolling…


Paragliding Courses

We have a range of courses starting with  complete beginner level (no previous flying experience) through to licensed pilots seeking to improve their skills. Everything from takeoff techniques, to weather forecasting and competition flying

Course Information

Online Courses

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In-Person Courses


Tours & Guiding

Are you a visiting pilot? We offer tailor made paragliding tours and guiding for visiting pilots to Cape Town.

The Cape Peninsula and surrounding areas have many launch sites but also complicated weather systems and often unique site rules. Several sites require mandatory local guidance.


Visiting Pilots

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Guided flights


“Airmanship is skill and knowledge applied to aerial navigation, … Airmanship covers a broad range of desirable behaviors and abilities in an aviator. It is not simply a measure of skill or technique, but also a measure of a pilot’s awareness of the aircraft, the environment in which it operates, and of his/her own capabilities.”

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Can I train with my own gear?2019-10-09T13:19:31+02:00

Yes, however all equipment must be approved by the school. If you require assistance in purchasing your gear (new or used) we are happy to assist. Please don’t buy stuff off gumtree etc, where the danger is that the equipment is not airworthy or not suitable for your skill or weight range

Is flying easy?2019-10-09T13:18:57+02:00

None of us were born flying, its something new and like any new skill requires practice. Practice first starts on the ground, and then in the air. Never stop practicing!

Is flying safe?2019-10-09T13:18:27+02:00

From an equipment perspective, flying is very safe. One would struggle to find a paragliding accident where equipment failure was the cause. Nearly every accident is due to pilot error, and like any aviation accident the consequences can be severe. We place a very high emphasis on the concept of Airmanship (see above)

What happens if the weather is bad?2019-10-09T13:17:38+02:00

Flying and training is always weather dependent. The number of days quoted in our courses are for training days which are scheduled for days of good weather. Training days are not necessarily consecutive calendar days

Do I need a license?2019-10-09T13:17:53+02:00

Yes! Just as you need a drivers license to drive on the road, you also need a pilot’s license to fly in the sky. Paragliding is a legal form of aviation that falls operates under the regulations of the South African Civil Aviation Authority

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