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“It’s incredible. We get to hike/drive up these stunning mountains and then fly off them! My favourite part is finding thermal bubbles. We use these thermals to gain altitude, similar to how eagles fly. Speaking of eagles, we get to fly with them too! It’s just mind-boggling. We’ve finally got a form of recreational aviation that is accessible, affordable and attainable by the average person.

It’s a pity that most people don’t realise how far paragliders have come in safety and performance since the start some 40 odd years back. Today, we are living the dream of unpowered human flight. What a time to be alive!” – Ria Moothilal, Grade B&C National Flight Instructor

Free Beginners Guide

A quick-to-read PDF guide. Written for the beginner pilot considering paragliding lessons and anyone wanting to learn more about free flight. Contains stunning imagery, helpful explanations, and insightful videos

Covers:  What is paragliding; Different types/disciplines; Equipment; Takeoffs and Landings; Who paraglides; Why do it; Flying sites; How to get licensed; Where to find a school

Learn to Paraglide in South Africa Guide Book PDF

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We have two full-time instructors and use a range of freelances and assistant instructors on an ad hoc basis

More About Us
Paragliding Instructor Cape Town

Ria Moothilal

Ria has been doing air sports since 2005. He’s passionate about xc flying, hike ‘n fly, data and teaching.

Paragliding Instructor Cape Town

Mias de Klerk

Mias started paragliding in 2002. He enjoys xc flying, teaching, nature and everything flying.


0,2 Podcast
0,2 Podcast
10:30 19 Apr 22
All around great experience. Would highly recommend for anyone who is visiting Cape Town. Thanks Ria!
Anna-Mart Van Der Merwe
Anna-Mart Van Der Merwe
05:06 02 Nov 21
It was an amazing experience with RiaHe talked walked and flew everything through giving me the safety net I needed to... enjoy my paragliding trip.They come highly recommended by me.Thx so much Ria I enjoyed this so much and now I can tick tis experience on my bucket list.Safe travels in the sky for you!read more
Thys De Wet
Thys De Wet
19:54 14 Jun 21
Ria's patience and dedication with each student ensures that Air School Paragliding graduates has a thourough... understanding of the theory and practical elements involved in the sport of paragliding. The result is pilots who are safe and able to make good decisions on their own whilts having fun all the way. His pation for the sport is contagious and I would highly recommend Air School more
Stephen Vogts
Stephen Vogts
19:12 14 Jun 21
Air School offers a great service to the paragliding community. With the basic license course giving you a good... foundation from the first ground handling lessons to first flights and aggregating to achieving the license requirements. Then there's the longer term post license progression programs which are hugely beneficial for low airtime pilots to maintain a steep learning curve into the sport. With constant mentoring on all aspects of paragliding and a good introduction to so many great sites, there's a lot of awesome flying to be done. Not to mention all the peers and welcoming community to share your experiences with!read more
Tom Watkeys
Tom Watkeys
15:12 14 Jun 21
Ria is such a helpful guy, always willing to share knowledge and have a laugh in the lighter moments
Kevin Mattison
Kevin Mattison
15:06 14 Jun 21
Ria provided excellent, safe and personalised flight tuition. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
Jan Daniel Labuschagne
Jan Daniel Labuschagne
14:40 14 Jun 21
The experience of learning to fly with Air School Paragliding was professional and fun. You can expect a high level of... engagement from Ria and the team. You can be sure that the school will teach you to become a proficient pilot. The attention to detail and commitment from the team was astounding, and I can highly recommend the more
Marc Bester
Marc Bester
20:37 28 Dec 20
I highly recommend Ria at Air School Paragliding. A true professional and highly skilled and experienced. Goes out of... his way to accommodate time needed to ground handle and fly. And hes such a cool guy too!read more
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