10 Reasons why you should take paragliding lessons today

What a time to be alive! Paragliding has passed its pioneering days of the '80s and '90s. This post gives you ten great reasons why you should start paragliding lessons today. 1. Global growth Paragliding is growing all over the world. Germany has some 40000 paragliding pilots. China passed 10000 pilots years ago. Iran has over 6000 paragliding pilots. In the Turkish town of Oludeniz,

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10 Reasons to learn how to paraglide in Cape Town

1. All year flying. It's amusing when visiting pilots ask when's "our season?". Our season does not end. It's on all year round. The types of flying and site choice may vary. You can have epic flying any time of the year. Summer is great for big distance flying and coastal dune soaring. Winter is great for city flying and light thermal flying. The northwest