I love task flying. It’s like playing a computer game in the sky with the added bonus of it being 100% real. The first and usually only time most pilots fly tasks is during formal competitions of which South Africa has only two. It’s a pity because flying a task is a great way to build your skills as a pilot.

A few benefits of Task Flying

  • Having a predefined route to fly is more challenging than just “boating around”
  • You need to think about your moves in order to complete the task by getting to the “goal”
  • Having a common route makes flying easier because pilots can use each other¬† to identify lifting air
  • You learn how to use your instrument – there are free phone apps out there if you don’t have one
  • It’s really fun

Our Task Flying Endorsement Course

To help make this more frequently available I’ve created a Task Flying Endorsement Course and am currently running a Lockdown Level 3 Special of only R100 per session. This makes it affordable for all, however, if you’re one of those who’s been hit hard by the pandemic and can’t afford the R100 fee, give me a call – I will do everything I can to help our community. If you’re a licensed pilot, no matter your experience level, I highly encourage you to join these sessions. This course will teach you the basics of task flying.

Task 1: Franschhoek Flying

Given that it’s our winter it’s hard to do big distance flying, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t set smaller tasks appropriate to the site, weather, and pilot skill level. That is exactly what we did this past Saturday in the stunning Franschhoek Valley. Flying with snow-capped peaks made this task extra special. Enjoy the video below

Stay safe